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Robust Business Continuity

Posted on 17 Mar 2020

6 min read

The Ogilvie Fleet COVID-19 Confidence Commitment

How we act with our colleagues, customers, drivers, partners, prospects, suppliers and all other people we interact with is of prime importance to us. We want to be remembered for the positive and pro-active way that we continue to manage all elements of the changing world in which we all work and live. We will constantly challenge ourselves, our policies and our processes to maintain total confidence in all that we do. Protecting, sustaining and caring will be at the forefront of our commitments and principles at all times.

In all of our commitments, our over-riding promises are:

– To adhere completely to all Government “COVID-19 Secure” guidelines in our relevant territories of operation
– To comply with all Ogilvie Group COVID-19 guidelines and operating processes
– Be transparent in all that we say and do
– Embrace a policy of continuous review and commitment 

To our Colleagues, Business Operations and Office Environments

Our commitment is to provide confidence to, and with, all of our employees. We will therefore:

– Retain social distancing “Champions” at each office and throughout our business

– Allow and enable staff to work from home wherever and whenever possible, whilst ensuring that they are supported at all times and capable of office work and interaction when it is preferred or needed.

– Afford our staff the ability to constantly learn, adapt and change to their new working environments and embrace the need ability to constantly evolve and change as our working world does

– Create safe and stable office environments, with appropriate policies, equipment, cleanliness, signage, marking and other protections to allow employee participation in a clean, safe, correctly distanced manner

– Take all reasonable precautions and do everything practical to have the correct hygiene, handwashing, and cleaning practices and all other steps to manage transmission risk

– Maintain distancing guidelines and promise never to use any coercion with ay colleagues to break any guidelines or feel uncomfortable with their work environment or practices at any time.

– Maintain a shift/rota and team-based system and flexible working hours to protect employees and yet also ensure ongoing service and support to our clients, partners and suppliers.

– Maintain a record of any COVID-19 cases in our employee base and take correct actions where we are able to trace contact with other colleagues

– Acknowledge that colleagues have changing circumstances and that we need to work together to find flexible solutions to balance work and personal lives

– Minimise office visitors and ensure all distancing guidelines are followed by them at all times, whilst also safeguarding them whilst on site in the same manner we would our employees

– Enable and utilise multi-platform teleconferencing facilities wherever possible for communications that would normally be handled in person

– Reiterate our long-standing commitment to provide support for all colleagues who might be experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and/or mental health challenges as a result of our changing environment

– Share best practice principles and approaches to risk reduction across the business

– Have signed HSE COVID-19 Secure certificates in each office environment

To our Current and Prospective Clients

Our commitment is to provide confidence to everyone involved in all of our external relationships. We will therefore:

– Work to BVRLA and other industry best practice principles of operation at all time

– Commit that our employees will work within the preferences and operating policies of our clients when we are engaging with them

– Continue to develop enhance and innovate our facilities and services as our industry and client needs change and develop

– Provide even greater levels of flexibility with regards contract periods, mileages, terms and extensions

– Work even more closely to find methods of increasing efficiency and reducing total fleet costs for all clients

-Ensure that multi-platform teleconferencing based meetings are available, whist also working within all client preferences and needs for account management

– Flex our own open and working hours to accommodate the changing needs of our clients operating hours and working practices

– Reduce transactional paperwork to a minimum

– Provide safe and confident handover experiences from our suppliers, partners and agents

– Reconfirm our online facilities and reporting tools to enable enhanced online trading and reporting between us, our clients and their colleagues/drivers

To Our Clients Employees and Drivers of the Vehicles we Provide

Our commitment is to provide confidence to your employees/drivers when they interact with us and any of our supplies and/or partners. We will therefore:

– Consider the care and wellbeing of all people involved in process of our relationship as a prime concern

– Work with our other suppliers and partners to provide everyone with the necessary confidence that all necessary and reasonable steps to protect employees and customers have been taken

– Verify and obtain (where possible) that our suppliers and partners have satisfactory and documented COVID-19 policies and procedures in place

– Work wherever possible with NFDA registered dealers and thus to their COVID-19 code of conduct for franchised car and commercial vehicle retailers and repairers

– Ensure that vehicle handovers are undertaken on a risk-based approach, based on the level of human contact associated with the type of delivery or collections.

– Utilise and offer mobile repair and replacement facilities wherever possible

– Utilise contactless and click/collect facilities wherever possible

– Work with our supply network to provide confidence in the process of drivers wanting to take test drives and/or visit dealerships or, including elements such as commitments on levels of sanitisation, PPE and unaccompanied test drives. 

– Commit to provide ongoing services at all times, within the limitations of any lockdown legislation

Our Suppliers and Partners

Our commitment is to provide confidence in all aspects of our relationship. We will therefore:

– Work with all suppliers and partners to embrace our needs as well as their own challenges so to create fairness, equality and sustainability in our relationships

– Work with suppliers who can deliver our promises and commitments in a safe and stable manner and whom share our values for the safety, security and protection of colleagues and partners

– Work within their own industry body guidelines wherever possible

– Share best practice principles of operations

– Maintain our commitment to paying all suppliers on time and within the scope of our agreement with them

You can read our original Business Continuity Statement here.

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