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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ogilvie supports a wide range of charities across the UK

Through a number of initiatives and planned events throughout the year, Ogilvie supports a wide range of charities across the UK.

The Ogilvie Group has been owned and run by the Ogilvie family for over 60 years and prides itself on operating in a socially responsible way for the benefit of all stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.

Give As You Earn

Ogilvie employees have the option to give up a percentage of their monthly salary as a tax free donation to the Ogilvie Group Charity Aid Fund. The fund is then divided up annually to a range of worthy causes, decided upon by employees.

The scheme has been running since 1999 and is fast approaching £100,000 of donations. Ogilvie Fleet staff also have the option to donate directly to BEN – the charity of the automotive sector.

Team Events

Ogilvie supports its members of staff in a wide range of charitable endeavours including marathons, hikes, cycle rides and other physical challenges. Recent events have included the Three Peaks Challenge, a charity football tournament and a member of staff who completed 3 marathons in 4 weeks.

Community Events

Ogilvie Construction is actively involved in all the communities it works with. During the building of critical infrastructure such as schools and leisure facilities, the community teams work closely with those who will be using the facilities.

Through competitions and events with local school children and families, Ogilvie encourages communities to get involved in projects from the outset. Ogilvie Construction also has over 100 projects registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Team UnLimited

A member of staff from Ogilvie’s Swansea office, spends his spare time 3D-printing prosthetic arms for children. Much of the production costs are funded by the Ogilvie Group and the designs for the prosthetics have now been shared and used to help children all around the world.

Canine Partners

Ogilvie support the Canine Partners charity in the training of Labrador guide dog Ozzy. The organisation provides support dogs to help transform the lives of people with disabilities.

Apprenticeships and Placements

Ogilvie works closely with schools, colleges and universities to provide a range of apprenticeship and placement opportunities across the Ogilvie Group, including roles in construction, sales and administration. Ogilvie is a member of the 5% club, as an employer with a significant proportion of its workforce being young people on structured training schemes.


As well as backing many professional sports teams close to each of our regional offices, Ogilvie supports a number of talented individuals in sailing, golf and weightlifting.

Supporting the Stirling Community

As one of the biggest employers in the area, our Stirling Head Office works closely with the local community to improve the lives of the people who live and work in the area.

Ogilvie works with other businesses and organisations to support the Stirling Pledge, aimed at encouraging Scottish government to invest in the city and surrounding areas. CEO Duncan Ogilvie even saved a piece of Stirling history from demolition by removing an 11-metre concrete mural and rebuilding it within the Ogilvie grounds.

Supporting the Stirling Community

Our Community Benefit Strategy that formally sets out how we engage with the communities within which we work.

Local Communities

Engaging with local communities to ensure our operations minimise any negative effect and that where possible we take opportunities to enhance the social environment.


Supporting educational initiatives for students, apprentices and the socially disadvantaged to provide a positive contribution to the community

Local Businesses

Working closely with clients, local community and business organisations to actively foster local involvement and enterprise in the communities in which we work.


Working in partnership with charitable organisations, positively contributing to communities through volunteering and charitable giving. Supporting ethical trading initiatives and encouraging the use of fair trade products.