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Ashley’s Winter Tyre Blog pt6

Posted on by Matt Topham

Originally I had planned to change my winter tyres back to summer tyres this week but as the photo shows it's a good job I didn’t.

Running winter tyres in summer conditions causes excessive wear but due to the recent weather warnings I cancelled my plans to swap my winter tyres back to the original set of all weather tyres just on the off chance of us actually getting the snow as predicted. I was really glad that I made that decision this morning, because when I woke up around 6:30am there was approx. 1-2 inches of snow that had settled all around my home in Sheffield.

By the time I left home at around 8am the snow was nearer 3 inches in depth and thank goodness for winter tyres as I easily drove out of mu estate up a steep hill with no loss of traction what so ever. There was absolutely no way I would have made the quick exit with standard tyres on my BMW as I outlined previously is usually awful in the snow.

I made a long journey to our Coleshill office (approx. 2 hours drive) through strong wind and snow fall, without any incident at all.

Perhaps I will hold off the tyre swap for a few more weeks!

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