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Ogilvie Fleet offer state-of-the-art systems that define the Art of Fleet Management and make managing your fleet easier.

Our commitment to technology, in addition to our strong client-focus, differentiates us and ensures our growing family of customers are kept satisfied. Our unique online facilities both offer useful tools to help manage your Ogilvie Fleet, and to ease the way for your drivers assisting with vehicle decisions, or maintenance.

Quick Guide to Ogilvie Fleet’s Online Tools


Mifleet Showroom
This tool delivers critical information to your desktop, live in real-time, providing you with everything you need to know about your fleet.


Online Quotations
Empower drivers, reduce internal administration and replicate your entire fleet policy online with the completely bespoke Ogilvie Fleet Driver Quotes system.

My Next Car

A complete collection of tools providing everything drivers need to make better informed choices including: 

Car Chooser
The Ogilvie Car Chooser lets drivers choose the car they want, based on a criterion that’s important to them, in addition to the tax they want to pay.

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Fuel Benefit Calculator
The Ogilvie free Fuel Calculator lets drivers see the real cost of them taking “free” fuel”, what their break even mileage is so they can make an informed decision.

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Car Tax Calculator
We make taxation easy to understand. Simply select the car model and type, employee contributions and value of any vehicle options, to see tax estimates.


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  • Independent
  • Transparent Approach
  • Customer Focus
  • Vehicle Management Experts
  • Industry-Leading Technology
  • Established Parent Company
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