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Happy Drivers Mobile App

Great tools to support you on your journey!

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Happy Drivers is a collection of useful tools together in one app for all drivers, with some features specific to Ogilvie Fleet drivers, including:

– Mileage capture, allowing accurate mileage reporting for fleets
– Order tracking for new vehicles
– End of lease checklist

Our award-winning app gives drivers access to a wide range of tools to keep them on the road

Helpful tools for use by all drivers:

EV charge point finder

For the green drivers, you can locate your nearest vehicle charging point or plan ahead and find a charging point at your destination. 

Car park locator

As with the EV charge point finder, you can find car parks across the UK ease with directions and helpful information about the car parks. 

Kwik Fit finder

Ogilvie Fleet drivers use Kwik Fit for exhaust and tyre services – you might use them for additional maintenance, too. Now you can find your nearest Kwik Fit service centre anywhere in the UK. 

Tax Calculator

Company car drivers, Ogilvie or not, it’s helpful to have a reference guide for how much tax you’re paying on your current company car or to check the next car you’d like to lease. 

End of Lease Checklist

The BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) are the trade body for UK leasing and hire companies. They have a fair wear and tear guide used by members of the BVRLA to which drivers should adhere when returning their vehicle at the end of the lease term.  

As part of our commitment to our award winning customer service, the app is freely downloadable on Google Android and Apple iPhone devices.

The app is under regular development but we’re always interested to hear suggestions from you about what you’d love to have in an app to help keep you on the road.

This technology is updated every year following critical feedback from the changing needs of our customers.

Specifically for drivers of Ogilvie vehicles

Emergency Contacts

Ogilvie Fleet’s award wining customer service extends to the mobile app for Android and iPhone users, too.

If you’ve broken down, need tyre, battery or exhaust replacements, have broken glass on your company car or have been in an accident, all the emergency contact details have been listed for you.   

Mileage capture and
service reminders

Our latest update allows drivers to input their mileages directly into the app, as well as receive service and MOT reminders

If these services appeal to you, feel free to download our award winning app for your Google Android and Apple iPhone.

Driver Services

As an Ogilvie Fleet car driver, you’e got the contract hire support team at your side.

For booking services, arranging MOTs, replacing tyres, exhausts and batteries or you’d like to take a trip overseas with your car, we can help.

We offer straightforward information and a phone number to speak to someone who can help with all of your company car questions.  

Fleet Managers

Are you a fleet manager or are the buyer for your business and like the sound of our technology, customer services and range of industry-leading options?

Talk to us about how Ogilvie Fleet can take the stress our of your fleet needs and give your drivers the right information about the cars on offer. 

Award Winning

Our driver app has won multiple industry awards including the Innovation Honour in Mobile Communications at the Fleetworld Awards and Best App at the Business Car Techies

Download our FREE Happy Drivers app!