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Green Fleet

Our green fleet experts can help you reduce your fleet's carbon footprint

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs)

We work with our clients to help them reduce their fleet’s emission and lessen the impact of their business on the environment. 

As a member of the Go-Ultra Low scheme, Ogilvie Fleet is committed to reducing emissions and helping to provide cleaner air through the use of lower or zero-emission vehicles. 

Most of the major manufacturers are heavily investing in electric and hybrid vehicles, whilst the government has committed to investing in improving the UK’s charging infrastructure and offers grants for plug-in cars and vans.

With savings for both the employer and driver to be made on Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) and a huge range of vehicles now available, we can build attractive car policies for the benefit of all stakeholders and the environment.

Why choose low emission vehicles?

Benefits of ULEVs & Greener Fleets

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Lower BIK for drivers
  • Low or zero tax
  • Reduced parking charges
  • Reduced congestion charges
  • Lower maintenance
  • £2-£3 charging cost for every 100 miles
  • Ever-growing choice of vehicles

As well as grants available for plug-in vehicles, ULEVs benefit from a range of savings including low or zero tax, reduced parking and congestion charges, lower maintenance and typically just £2-£3 charging cost for every 100 miles driven. The benefit in kind tax savings for ULEV company car drivers can also be significant.

The range of vehicles is expanding all the time, with most major manufacturers having ULEVs available or in the pipeline. 

ULEVs no longer have small ranges and the technology is increasing them every day. Tesla, whose own vehicles have range of over 300 miles, have released their patents to allow other manufacturers to use similar technology. 

The infrastructure is rapidly growing, with almost 5,000 public charging stations available across the UK.

It’s better for the environment. ULEVs produce less than 75g of carbon per km while fully electric vehicles have zero emissions.

Electric Charging Points

Find via Happy Drivers App

Ogilvie Fleet’s dedicated driver app Happy Drivers helps you to find your nearest charge point anywhere in the UK, helping you to plan your drive in advance

Pod Point

We work with one of the UK’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging points, Pod Point, to help keep your electric and hybrid fleets on the road

Pod Point Network

To date, Pod Point have installed over 40,000 charging points to homes and businesses, as well as a network of 3,000+ public charging bays throughout their Pod Point Network

Many of Ogilvie’s offices throughout the UK have free to use EV-charging points, including Stirling, Sheffield and Gateshead.

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