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Charging advice

Charging your electric vehicle made simple with access to a vast charging infrastructure

Home or Workplace Charging

Ogilvie Fleet has partnered with some of the leading names in the electric vehicle industry to keep your new vehicle fully charged both at home and on the road.

How do I get a home charger for my new vehicle?

Ogilvie Fleet recommends Pod Point’s 7kW home charger, the Solo, and we will refer you to Pod Point once your plug-in vehicle has been ordered.

Pod Point’s installation process ensures you’ll get the right charger for your plug-in vehicle, will assist you with all the paperwork for the OLEV home charge grant and they’ll install your smart Solo home charger on a day most convenient for you.

Who are Pod Point?

Pod Point are the UK’s leading experts in electric vehicle charging and over the last 10 years have installed over 60,000 home charge points across the country.

Pod Point manufacture and install smart wi-fi enabled home chargers and are Ogilvie Fleets exclusive charging partner. The Solo home charge unit is compatible with all plug-in vehicles on sale in the UK.

Why Pod Point?

  • Fast, safe and wi-fi enabled charge points from £449 (inclusive of OLEV grant, Pod Point will apply on your behalf)
  • Pod Point’s leading installation service is currently rated at 4.8/5 across over 7000 reviews via reviews.com
  • Pod Point’s home charger – the Solo, is smart and wi-fi enabled
  • The Solo’s connectivity means it benefits from new features and software updates – ensuring you never miss out on Pod Point’s latest innovations
  • The Solo is the safest home charging unit in the UK and is at least 3x faster than charging your electric vehicle via a 3-pin plug
  • Pod Point offer a free accompanying app with their home charger available now for iOS and Android mobile devices, this pairs with your home charger so you can see exactly how much your charging is costing you at the touch of a button

For full details of Pod Point’s product range, including discounted prices for Ogilvie Fleet customers, follow the link below.


Pod Point’s Public Charging Network

Pod Point operate a network of over 3000+ public charging points in the UK. Connect to the Pod Point ecosystem for home, public and workplace charging.

No membership fees or RFIDs, many of Pod Point’s public chargers are free to use, and if not there is a simple top-up pay as you charge system.

The Pod Point app is simple, easy to use and links your home charging to Pod Point’s public network charging, ensuring you keep track of how much it is costing to charge your vehicle at all times.

Charging your vehicle on the road

Ogilvie Fleet is proud to be partnered with BP Pulse, the UK’s largest public charging network. With a BP Pulse membership, you’ll get access to over 7,000 charge points across the UK with the aim of increasing this to 16,000 by 2030.

They have over 400 50kW rapid chargers on the network and are currently rolling out 150kW ultra-fast chargers onto BP forecourts.

You’ll also get access to friendly, live customer support available 24/7 over the phone, by email or on live chat.

Join now and receive the first 3 months’ membership absolutely free* and as a result of the Ogilvie partnership also enjoy a discounted fee of £6.85pm per month.

You will need to notify BP Pulse registration with an Ogilvie Referral code this is your Ogilvie order ID.

The majority of their network is free to charge on with a BP Pulse subscription and the rest start from 12p per kWh. You can also access their network through their pay-as-you-go app or with a contactless bank card on their 50kW rapid and 150kW ultra-fast chargers

*You will still be charged for any electricity costs incurred on the BP Pulse network, even during your free period of membership. For full details about which charge points incur tariffs, please follow the link below to visit their Live Map.