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Ashley's Winter Tyre Blog pt1

Posted on by Matt Topham

As another year draws to a close the temperature is falling fast and concerns of another snowy winter are not too far away. Last year saw temperatures the coldest in 30 years and many parts of the UK saw snowfall of 30cm or more.

Due to the nature of my role I have a responsibility to be in several locations throughout the country each week so mobility is essential. Last years bad weather meant I spent 12 working days stranded at home due to the poor performance of my company car in the winter conditions. This year I intend to be well prepared and therefore I’m fitting winter tyres. Follow this blog to hear my real-life experience of driving with winter tyres and see if the £1000 was money well spent.


Week 1

Sourcing the tyres

You hear so much about winter tyres these days that I thought sourcing 4 tyres for my BMW 318d M Sport would be simple. I asked our maintenance team to do this on my behalf who called Kwik-Fit only to find out that they had none in stock in the whole country. Like myself many drivers are preparing for the winter and demand is easily out stripping supply. We therefore approached a second source who came back to us after three days to confirm they had located a set of four tyres. Ironically these were from a new arrival of stock with Kwik-Fit which highlights how difficult winter tyres are to source!


The cost of the four tyres for my 18” wheels is £950 + fitting (£12 per tyre) which rounds the figure up to £1000. Hoping to not spend 12 days stranded at home as a result of having these tyres I convinced my boss that this was a justifyable expense but to many I imagine this initial outlay would put customers off. As a result of this Ogilvie are now offering customers the chance to build in the cost of winter tyres into the regular monthly rental in order to spread the cost, full details of this will be available soon.

Keep checking my blog for regular updates of my experience.

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