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What your options are for ‘Going Electric’ in 2020

Posted on 27 Jan 2020

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From Clean Air Zones to cities such as Birmingham and Bristol planning to ban highly polluting vehicles, if there is ever time to drive an electric vehicle, it is coming a lot sooner than most drivers think.

The government is also reacting to air pollution and the climate crisis with new Company Car Tax Rates. These new rates offer a very attractive reason to consider ‘Going Electric’ through large money savings potential on taxation.

As of April 6th 2020, if you drive an electric company car, you will be taxed at the rate of 0%, meaning you will not pay company car tax. This will increase to 1% the following year and 2% the year after.

The new BiK tax rates could be the catalyst for Britain being
more like Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands in becoming 
a powerhouse in vehicles going electric.

As well as the savings on tax, electric vehicles offer saving potential on fuel, as electric is cheaper than petrol and diesel and by being exempt from any Clean Air Zone charges.

Most drivers think that EVs are only for Senior Managers or Directors with Tesla’s and Audi E-trons, however in 2020 there are many affordable EVs out there with manufactures releasing more throughout the year.

This article will outline some of the electric vehicles across all price ranges.

Low End Price


The MG ZS EV is a great EV, being a similar size to an SUV while still being on the lower end of EV price range.

·         Range 163 miles

·         Battery 44.5 kWh

·         Charge time at 7.4 kW – 6.5 hours

·         Price £22,495 including Plug-In Grant and MG customer Saving



The SEAT Mii is currently, as of the time of writing, available for order but not delivery.  This is expected during Quarter 1 of 2020.

·         Range 162 miles

·         Battery 36.8 kWh

·         Charge time at 7.4 kW 6 hours

·         Price £19,300



Nissan Leaf Tekna

Nissan were pioneers of affordable electric vehicles releasing the first version of the Leaf in 2011. The Nissan Leaf Tekna is the middle range version with prices starting at £29,345.

·         Range 168 miles

·         Battery 40 kWh

·         Charge time at 7.4 kW 7 hours 30 min

·         Price £29,345


Vauxhall Corsa-e

Vauxhall are releasing an electric version of their best selling car, the Corsa. The Corsa e is the first of three EVs to arrive in 2020 from Vauxhall.

·         Range 209 miles

·         Battery 50 kWh

·         Charge time at 7.4 kW 7 hours 30 min

·         Price £27,000


Volkswagen ID.3 Mid-Range

First deliveries of the ID.3 Mid-range are expected in the summer of 2020 with the standard and long range arriving at a later date.

·         Range 215 miles

·         Battery 58.0 kWh

·         Charge time at 7.4 kW 7 hours 30 min

·         Price £31,000

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Over £35,000

Tesla Model 3

Tesla is the power house of the electric vehicle market, with the model S to the CyberTruck, they manufacture electric vehicles to suit all needs. The model 3 is the most affordable at the standard range at £38,500 and with Long Range costing £47,000

Long Range

·         Long Range 348 miles

·         Battery 75 kWh

·         Charge time at 7.4 kW 11 hours 5 minutes

·         Price £47,000


Ford Mustang Mache-E

Ford announced their new Electric Mustang in November of 2019 and will be delivering it in late 2020.

·         Standard Range 280 miles

·         Battery 75.7 kWh

·         Price £40,270



*All specs taken from manufacture websites where possible,

– Real world range is dependent on many factors, thus could be lower than expected.

– All prices include Government Plug in Car Grant.


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