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Grey Fleet Policy Advice

We can help manage risks of staff owned vehicles

Helping you manage your Grey Fleet data

Sometimes, it’s more convenient for staff to use their own vehicles for company business. These staff are often referred to as grey fleet drivers.

For businesses that do not incur high business mileage, having grey fleet drivers can be beneficial, however if a grey fleet driver has an accident whilst out on business, your company may be liable.

An employer’s ‘Duty Of Care’ obligations encompasses grey fleet vehicles and as a result your company must ensure that the driver regularly completes safety checks, has adequate insurance in place and maintains regular servicing and maintenance on their vehicle.

We know that gathering, recording, scrutinising and controlling grey fleet data is time consuming.

That’s why we’re extending the capabilities of the award winning Mifleet showroom to include a section that specifically helps you manage your grey fleet data.

Mifleet allows you to see your Grey Fleet alongside your company vehicles and monitors all your grey fleet insurance details, vehicle servicing, MOT dates and licence check details all in one place.

For the latest on Mifleet Grey Fleet, please contact one of our Area Managers.