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Our range of fleet funding solutions ensures that we meet each client’s unique needs

Ogilvie Fleet funding methods compared

The majority of our customers choose our Contract Hire product.

However, many alternatives are available and we provide a variety of facilities that will ensure your fleet is operated in the most efficient manner possible.

A brief overview of the different product options available is in the table below. Please click on the product name for more detailed information.

What funding methods do we offer?

 Contract HireSECOSalary SacrificeFinance LeaseFleet Management
Low Capital Outlay
Additional Credit Line
Fixed Budgeting
Depreciation Risk
Optional Maintenance
Vehicle Ownership
Acquisition & Disposal
VAT Reclaimable
Rentals Tax Deductible
Claim Depreciation
Off Balance Sheet*
*Organisations reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards which includes PLC’s should report Contract Hire on balance sheet.

How should I fund my fleet?

At Ogilvie we work with our clients to determine what scheme will work best for businesses and their employees.

Why Choose Ogilvie Fleet?

  • Independent
  • Transparent Approach
  • Customer Focus
  • Vehicle Management Experts
  • Industry-Leading Technology
  • Established Parent Company

Our most common types of funding include:

With a number of options for financing fleets, we can help your business find the most appropriate form of financing based on individual vehicles and driver needs.

Company Car

Allowing your drivers to compare and choose from a pre-selected range of vehicles 

SECO | Structured Employee Car Ownership

SECO is a way of offering a company car scheme but with savings to both employer and employee.

Salary Sacrifice

An employee benefit that saves your company money

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Contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Area Managers and discover more about our range of products and services and the many unique benefits that come from dealing with Ogilvie Fleet.