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MiSalarySacrifice for Drivers

Driver savings, fixed monthly payments and hassle-free motoring paid for - direct from your salary

Our award-winning scheme has delivered thousands of brand new electric and hybrid cars to UK drivers

Salary Sacrifice is one of the most costeffective ways of driving a brandnew electric vehicle.

You simply pay a fixed monthly amount directly from your salary that covers almost all your motoring costs – with huge savings to be made over buying or leasing an EV.

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What is included?

Your salary sacrifice vehicle includes everything you need to get you on the road, with complete peace of mind:

A brand-new vehicle

Our orders go direct to the manufacturer and you get a new, fully-checked vehicle delivered to you.

Fully comprehensive insurance

When you take a salary sacrifice car with us, it’s fully insured and you can even choose to add another driver.

Servicing and vehicle maintenance

Your car will require servicing and maintenance throughout its life and when it does, there’s nothing to pay.

Tyres & windscreens

Whether it’s a worn out tyre or a cracked windscreen, you’re completely covered and won’t have to pay for replacements.

Breakdown cover

Of course we hope that it’s not needed but if the worst happens, our rescue and assist recovery are here 24/7.

Charge at home

Chose an electric vehicle? We can include the cost of a convenient home charger into your monthly payments.

No deposit

There is no deposit to pay! Your first payment will not be taken until after your car has been delivered.

How much can I save?

The amount saved is greater with an electric vehicle, and your salary tax band.

Your monthly payments are made directly from your gross salary, meaning you will save on income tax and national insurance contributions.

You will pay Benefit in Kind Tax (often called company car tax), but this is often much less than your Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions savings – especially on fully electric or some plug-in hybrid cars.

Our driver portal allows you to select a car and see exactly what the effect will be on your salary.

For most drivers, this is the most cost-effective way to drive a brand-new electric car.

If you are looking to drive a low emission car that is better for the planet, and comes complete with all the benefits of servicing, tyres, maintenance, comprehensive insurance from an award-winning company then a salary sacrifice car from Ogilvie Fleet is perfect for you.

What car can I choose?

Zero emission electric vehicles will give you the biggest savings – and are also great for the environment!

Thanks to Ogilvie’s buying power with manufacturers, we can get significant savings on the retail prices and pass these savings on to you. You can choose from hundreds of models and variants.

Who is salary sacrifice best for?

Anyone employed by a business between the ages of 21-70 with a full UK driving licence looking to drive a brand-new electric vehicle!

Depending on your salary level and commitments, company car drivers with an existing vehicle may be able to use the scheme to access a second car, for a partner or dependent.

 Check out some of the case studies below from our salary sacrifice drivers.

Volkswagen ID.3 on salary sacrifice

Jack – Volkswagen ID.3

“I was previously driving a petrol Ford Focus on a personal contract hire lease with all the other driving expenses on top. Via my employer, I am now paying considerably less to drive a brand-new car, with insurance and maintenance included. Knowing that I only have one fixed payment, alongside the tax savings, has been a great help to monthly budgeting. Ogilvie also sorted the installation of an electric charging point at my home!”

“My wife was looking for a replacement for her previous Mini Cooper, a car she loved, but was spending a fortune on fuel on her motorway commute. As a company car driver, the MiSalarySacrifice scheme allowed me to choose a second car for my wife, with all the usual monthly payments taken directly from my salary. She is now driving a fully electric car which is perfect for her commute and getting around town – as well as being much better for the environment”

Mini Electric on salary sacrifice

Ashley – Mini Electric

“I’m on my third Salary Sacrifice vehicle with Ogilvie Fleet, currently in the process of looking for my fourth. I am a busy working mum of 2 and I love the convenience and security of having a new vehicle, completely worry and hassle free with maintenance, tyres, insurance and accident management included. It’s great that the payments are taken directly from my salary each month and there are no hidden costs. I’m currently looking at my first fully electric vehicle and Ogilvie have been a great support in helping me make the right decision for me and my family with their wealth of knowledge and experience.”

How do I get started?

As your monthly payment comes directly from your salary, your employer will need to be enrolled in our salary sacrifice scheme. It is completely free and simple to set up, with any admin completed by the team at Ogilvie Fleet.

Your employer can find out more information here. Feel free to send this page to the person in charge of fleet or employee benefits in your organisation to get them started. This could be a fleet manager, HR team or finance personnel.

How does it work?

We set up the scheme with your employer and set out a list of electric vehicles to offer to employees.

You are given a unique login to our website where you can search for the perfect electric vehicle for you.

When you’ve selected the car you’d like, you will receive a quotation to confirm and agree to.

Ogilvie places the order with the manufacturer and keeps you updated with expected delivery times.

Your new car arrives, is inspected and then is delivered to your chosen location in the UK.

You can drive happy in a fully-expensed EV, in exchange for a portion of your salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use my car allowance towards the scheme?
    Yes, salary sacrifice is one of the best ways to maximise your car allowance from your employer. You still pay tax and national insurance on your car allowance, but salary sacrifice is the most effective way to use this due to the tax/NI savings
  2. Can I add more than one person to the insurance?
    Yes! Please let us know if you wish to add another person to the insurance as this could affect the quote.
  3. Can I still build no claims discount?
    Yes, but the insurance company may or may not accept the NCD for a salary sacrifice agreement.
  4. What happens if I leave the business?
    This is at your employers discretion whether an early termination is applicable
  5. What happens if my lead time changes once I’ve ordered the car?
    We will keep you fully updated on expected lead times. In exceptional circumstances you may be able to cancel the order and chose another vehicle.
  6. Can I buy the car at the end?
    Yes. At any point during your contract you can request a price to buy your vehicle outright.
  7. What car can I choose?
    Once you login to our portal, you will be able to choose from a wide range of vehicles. Which vehicles are available will depend on a range of factors including your employers choices and insurance options.
  8. Do I need a home charger?
    If you opt for a fully or part-electric car, you may wish to include the cost of at-home charger into your monthly payments.

Salary Sacrifice delivers the greatest savings if you choose an electric vehicle. Visit our Electric Vehicle Owners Guide for more information on switching to electric or learn about all the EVs on the UK market at our EV Database.