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Wear and Tear

On your Ogilvie Fleet vehicle

Fair Wear & Tear policy

When your vehicle is returned to us we will inspect it and complete a condition report.

We accept that over three years it will not be in showroom condition but we also expect that any significant damage should be repaired prior to the vehicles’ return. To ensure fairness and consistency, we use the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear policy guide as the basis for what we find acceptable.

For more information on our Fair Wear and Tear policy please contact our disposals team

We encourage all drivers and fleet managers to review BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide prior to returning the vehicle to reduce or avoid any recharges to your company.

Removing the Hidden Charges

If you have used Contract Hire in the past but have been faced with unrealistic or inflated end of contract damage costs, it’s not that you have chosen the wrong product, just that you have chosen the wrong supplier!

Ogilvie Fleet have what we believe is the most unique total contract offering in the UK leasing industry and ensure that such inflated costs don’t exist. We want clients to remain as such for many years and appreciate that trying to make a short term gain is the fastest way to lose you.

So, if we don’t correctly notify you of any chargeable damage, or if we can’t prove the damage exists, we won’t charge you. Best of all, if there is any damage, we will only charge the amounts in our pre-determined matrix, which relate to our loss of value rather than inflated repair costs.

How Ogilvie makes returning your fair

  • Adhere to BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines
  • Pre-determined matrix with fair charge structure
  • No signed handover document, no charge
  • No charge If we can’t prove damage
  • Damage waiver reduces costs & helps ease admin

Contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Area Managers and discover more about how our unique benefits will ensure you are never hurt by such practices again.