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About Ogilvie Group

Over 65 years of success

Today, the Ogilvie Group has a turnover of over £300 million, employs over 450 people, has offices throughout the UK and trading partnerships with organisations across Europe.

Established in 1953, the Ogilvie Group started life as a construction company in Stirling, Scotland. An on-going diversification strategy has seen the company successfully branch out into areas including Vehicle Contract Hire, Daily Rental, IT, Surveying and House Building.

Mission Statement

“To deliver exceptional customer service; operate with trust, transparency and integrity; be innovative, creative and unique; consider all environments around us; and provide a workplace where our people feel safe, appreciated and respected.”

“Ours is a group of companies that relies on two key elements – our great staff and our growing family of satisfied customers.”

– Duncan Ogilvie, CEO

The Ogilvie Group has been steered by three generations of the Ogilvie family and current Chief Executive, Duncan Ogilvie, is the grandson of the firm’s founder.

Whilst the company has grown and changed considerably over sixty years, it still has the traditional values of a family-run business with a focus on people at its heart. Trust, transparency, accountability and reliability – these are the key tenants of the Ogilvie Group which set the tone for all dealings with clients, partners, and prospects.