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Driver Quotes Portal

Our award-winning online quoting portal makes picking a new vehicle simple for your drivers

Empower your drivers and reduce administration by allowing them to create the quotes

Our new driver quotes portal provides clients with the option of having their policy and choice lists handled online, in real time. Unique in our sector, this facility is in use by many of our clients who have opted to outsource their fleet administration and allow drivers the ability to select new vehicles directly, though completely in line with their fleet policy.

Ogilvie maintains complete internal control of the system so that as your policy adapts, we can mirror its changes instantly, updating grades, vehicles and everything in between.

Time-saving, easy to read quotes

One of the main benefits of partnering with Ogilvie Fleet is the wealth of information perfectly presented in our driver quotations.

We will ensure that you get all the details that you need, including all the complicated tax calculations, in an easy-to-read format – saving you time and effort. Additionally, your drivers will have everything they could possibly need to make informed decisions.

Tailored quotes

Whether you need the information for your Financial Director or drivers, we can tailor the quote to your requirements saving you valuable time and effort.

Making Tax Calculations Easy

No more complex calculations or tax tables. We print how much tax the driver is likely to pay on every quote.

Increased Accuracy

Our quotes include the unique Ogilvie True Cost model for greater accuracy which includes fuel costs, effective rental, NIC, Corporation Tax and lease rental restrictions.

Additional bonuses for online quote customers

For customers with access to our online driver quotes portal we can include additional information required with the quote.

Smart Form Features

We can even automatically populate the internal forms that you use to help reduce time and avoid inputting errors

Technical Data

Whether you’re interested in CO2, MPG or carbon footprint our quotes contain key technical data to help you and your drivers.

Key Features

  • Fully customisable to a client’s very specific needs.
  • Select and compare vehicles based on key information such as P11D value, CO2 & MPG.
  • Text search functions to find specific vehicles or features.
  • The ability to sort vehicle lists based on a range of key criteria and save vehicles in a shortlist.
  • Driver BIK data is detailed both online and in downloaded summary documents.
  • Order tracking to check the status of an ordered vehicle.

Other Functionality

  • The inclusion of Scottish company car tax rates.
  • Always-on and always-real-time access direct to our own systems.
  • Vehicles can be “built” online with option-linking that minimises errors.
  • Full standard equipment details can be seen or downloaded.
  • Complete technical details are shown for every vehicle.
  • Restrictions can be refined by rental, P11D, CO2 level, MPG, NCAP rating, vehicle type, carrying capacity and any number of other elements you might want to use within your policy.
  • Upgrades, downgrades, cash payments or reimbursements are easily managed and detailed.
  • Drivers can see as little or as much as you want when they access the system.
  • Various levels of authority can be incorporated, allowing, for example, a Fleet Manager to access everything, but a driver to access only their own data.
  • Online ordering can be enabled, disabled or allowed by grade, always with the option of using our “order-brake” to prevent an order being placed without appropriate approval.
  • Regardless of the complications of your policy, we’re sure we can provide the solution.

For more information please refer to our helpful guide to online quoting below.

We built our system from the ground up, thinking as a Fleet Manager would and involving clients in the test phases, resulting in a system that is now renowned for its incredible ease of use yet amazing technical abilities.

Driver quotes can be completely tailored to meet any client’s needs and incorporate any policy, almost regardless of its complexity. We haven’t yet failed to match our system to a client’s policy.

Benefits of Driver Quotes Portal

  • Bespoke To Company Policy
  • Live Information Always On
  • Fully Customisable Output
  • Driver BIK Taxation Data
  • Visible Online Ordering Facility Available

Discover Ogilvie Driver Quotes System

We would be delighted to show you power of our bespoke online driver quotes system. Contact us to find out more and arrange a personal demonstration. Alternatively visit our Online Access page to log-in.