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Driver Taxation

Helping your drivers understand the tax implications of a company vehicle

We make taxation easy to understand for all our customers

With a range of online tools and comprehensive tax data on quotations, Ogilvie Fleet can simplify the decision process.

Car Taxation

Each Ogilvie Fleet quotation has taxation data for both the company and the driver. There’s no complicated calculation to remember. We do all the hard work in the background and display the taxation data on your quotation.

Alternatively you can use the Ogilvie Online Car Tax Calculator to see how much the tax will be for the driver.

Fuel Benefit Taxation

Our Online Fuel Benefit Calculator will help you calculate the cost of this benefit and see the break even private mileage.

We also show the data for Fuel Benefit Taxation on every quotation. Should you be provided with a fuel card that allows fuel for private use.

Commercial Vehicle Taxation

Taxation on commercial vehicles is different to cars. Whereas a commercial vehicle is made available for private use there will be a tax liability as outline below.

The figures apply to all commercial vehicles regardless of the make, model, fuel type or CO2 emissions. Fuel Benefit Taxation is also different for commercial vehicles if you are provided with a fuel card that allows private use.

The figures below are with effect from 2020/21.

Commercial Vehicle Driver Taxation = £3,500 x Personal Tax Liability
eg. £3,500 x 20% = £700 annual liability

Commercial Vehicle Fuel Benefit Taxation = £669 x Personal Tax Liability
eg. £669 x 20% = £133.80 annual liability

BIK Tax Tables

Ogilvie have developed a dedicated Tax Guide mini-website in association with Deloitte.

Visit the cartaxguide.co.uk mini-site to see the latest BIK Tables tables along with other essential tax information.

Contact us

For more information about how tax affects your fleet choices contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Area Managers.