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My Next Car

Don't gamble on your next car

A complete collection of tools providing everything drivers need to make better informed choices.

My Next Car delivers all the information you could possibly need to understand the true cost of the company vehicle, removing uncertainty in the decision making process.

Benefits of My Next Car

  • Tools For Fleet Managers & Drivers
  • Free Of Charge, Always On
  • Understand True Cost Of Vehicle
  • Makes Tax Calculation Easy
  • Simplifies Selection Process
  • Outlines Cost Of Free Fuel

We know that there are many decisions a driver must make when it comes to choosing a new car.

To make that process as simple as possible, the Car Chooser helps to find the car that’s right for your needs. Whether it’s the number of doors, amount of tax you pay per month or the MPG that counts, the Car Chooser provides you with the answers.

Some drivers have the option to take private use fuel paid for by their employer.

This benefit is taxable and, like a company car itself, the amount you pay is determined in part by the CO2 emissions of the car. Calculating whether it is worthwhile to take free fuel is important. Get it wrong and you’ll pay far more in tax than if you paid for your own private fuel use. To see how much free fuel could cost you along with your break-even mileage, use our free fuel benefit calculator.

Driver taxation can be complicated, but we try to make it easier to understand.

The driver’s taxation is displayed on each of our quotations so there’s no complicated formula to remember or understand, there’s just one monthly figure for each tax bracket. If you haven’t received a quotation from us, or you’re still deciding which car to choose, we also have an online tax calculator to help you find out the likely cost.

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For more information about how tax affects your fleet choices contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Area Managers.