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Sale & Leaseback – Move from outright purchase to contract hire

A capital injection for your company

If you want to move from outright purchase but can’t wait until your fleet renewal date, Sale & Leaseback is the answer.

With credit harder to secure and unpredictable vehicle residual values, many outright purchase fleets are considering sale and leaseback options, which frees tied-up capital from their vehicles.

The process is as simple as it sounds. We calculate the value of each vehicle in your fleet – and buy them from you at market price. We then lease the vehicles back to you on Contract Hire, or offer a brand new vehicle replacement.

Sale & Leaseback helps you save money long-term. Your fleet will move off the company balance sheet as ownership transfers to Ogilvie. This means potential tax savings for you. You also lose the financial risk associated with owning depreciating assets.


Reduces Risk
Removes the financial risk associated with owning depreciating cars.


Reduced Administration
Vehicle maintenance, administration and disposal managed by experts leaving you to concentrate on your core business.


Improved Capital
Fixed monthly payment includes maintenance and servicing.


Additional Revenue
Instant cash injection for your business.


Simple, transparent process
We buy your vehicles and then lease them back to you.

For further details of exactly how we can help you bring your fleet together please contact us.

Benefits of Sale & Leaseback

  • Releases Capital
  • Minimises Risk
  • Fixes Future Costs
  • Improves Gearing
  • Potential Tax Savings