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Home or workplace charging

Straight forward advice on charging your EV at at home, work or on the road

UK’s largest independent installer of charging points in the UK with over 10 years of experience.

How do I get a home charger for my new vehicle?

Ogilvie Fleet recommends a 7kw charger via our friends at ChargedEV. We will send you more details when you place an order or you can contact them direct to start your journey.

ChargedEV will guide you through the installation process to ensure you get the right charger for your plug-in vehicle. They will assist you with all the paperwork for the OLEV home charge grant and they’ll install your charger of your choice on a day convenient for you.

Need help?

If you need any help with choosing your charger, or simply need more information, please get in touch with us via email or phone homecharge@chargedev.co.uk or call 0330 043 1851.

Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging

ChargedEV also offer charging solutions for the workplace. Each charge point comes with its own management system to allow you to have control over the charging behaviour.

Learn more about workplace charging by contacting ChargedEV

Charging at the roadside

If you have the ability to charge at home or workplace then many drivers will not have to rely on charging at the roadside.

If you do need to supplement your charging via the public network there are thousands of sites across the country and the number is growing. Similar to traditional fuel stations, many are part of a nationwide network of chargers.

Planning ahead is essential, Zap-Map has a handy tool that shows chargers from most networks to allow you to plan your journey.

Below is a list of major UK networks and their typical costs.

Provider Cost per kwh Network Size Notes
BP Pulse £0.35 2816 Discounts for members
ChargePlace Scotland 1904 Only in Scotland
GeniePoint £0.39 646 Discounts for members
Instavolt £0.40 605
Osprey £0.36 132 2000 chargers by 2024
Shell Recharge £0.61 Very fast chargers
Tesla £0.28 Currently Tesla owners only