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Whitworth Bros focuses on CO2 cap with wide vehicle choice under Ogilvie deal

Posted on by Matt Topham

Flour millers Whitworth Bros Ltd has signed a new fleet deal with Ogilvie Fleet that has also seen the company comprehensively review its company car policy.

The Wellingborough-headquartered family-owned business chose Ogilvie for its four-year sole supply contract hire with maintenance deal based on Ogilvie’s comprehensive suite of driver and fleet decision-maker online tools coupled with the personal service of a privately-owned business.

And Whitworth Bros has also overhauled its fleet policy. The company operates a 34-strong company car fleet and has now introduced a user-chooser policy with drivers able to chose a diesel or hybrid car based on a monthly rental rate within their grade. There is also a trade-up option.

Critically, Whitworth Bros worked with Ogilvie Fleet to compile a company car choice list with a carbon dioxide emissions cap of 120 g/km for drivers.

Distribution manager Colin Spurrier, who is responsible for the organisation’s company car and HGV fleets, said: ‘Whitworth Bros is focused on cutting its carbon footprint so we have introduced the emissions cap, while still giving drivers a wide vehicle choice. Company directors are also focused on cutting our carbon footprint by selecting lower emission vehicles. Additionally, the correlation between low CO2 emissions and fuel economy means that the business is simultaneously cutting its fuel bill.’

Company cars are replaced on three or four-year cycles depending on individual drivers’ mileage, which can range between 20,000 and 40,000 miles per annum.

Additionally, Whitworth Bros has introduced a winter tyre policy across its company car fleet. That will see it work with Ogilvie Fleet and its tyre partner Kwik-Fit to switch to winter tyres in about October and then back to standard tyres in the spring.

Mr Spurrier said: ‘A large number of our sales team are out on the road all year and live in rural areas. We believe that from a safety and duty of care requirement that the fitting of winter tyres offers improves safety and peace of mind for our company car drivers, their family and the business.’

Nick Hardy, sales and marketing director, Ogilvie Fleet, said: ‘Many clients are looking to reduce fleet costs and simultaneously introduce an environmental focus to their fleet, which is what we have helped Whitworth Bros to do.

‘The award-winning personal customer service of Ogilvie Fleet is one of the company’s many strengths and we are finding that it is highly valued by existing customers and when we respond to tenders.’

Source - FleetWorld

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