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Vauxhall Brexit Statement

Posted on 18 Oct 2019

1 min read

“Vauxhall have followed a flurry of manufacturers in announcing their plans in the event of a Hard Brexit….

“With a potential Hard Brexit at the end of October Vauxhall  want to confirm our position regarding customer orders.

Vauxhall has taken the decision to price protect any orders that are confirmed in our order bank, on the correct fleet code, as at 5.00pm on the 31st October 2019. For clarity this includes vehicles that are ordered but not physically in the UK. Further we will also apply our normal price protection policy, namely that we will hold our price protection for a period of 30 days (subject to evidence the quote was produced prior to 31st October 2019), so that you can continue to quote up to the 31st October knowing that the validity of your quotes will be honoured by us in the normal way (orders placed within 30 days of any quote done on or before 31st October). This position will remain the same until any new statement is issued.”

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