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Returning to Driving

Posted on 19 May 2020

3 min read

During these unusual times, many of us may not have driven our vehicles for some time. When you do return to driving, it’s important that you carry out some checks to ensure your vehicle is safe.

Our partners at Kwik-Fit have remained open during the pandemic and are reporting steady increase in the amount for drivers needing assistance following extended periods of vehicles not being used. Kwik-Fit are currently operating reduced operating hours but have told us that they have a health tyre pipeline. 

Performing regular checks on your vehicle helps ensure that it doesn’t let you down when you need it the most. 


Check for obvious signs of damage and if your tyres are under-inflated. It’s also important to check the tread depth of your tyres, you can do this with a 20p coin – Learn more.


When left unused for periods of time it is not unusual for a car battery to go flat, which could leave you unable to start it again. Click here for tips and advice on how to prevent a flat battery during lockdown.


With vehicles being left stationary for longer periods than normal it is possible that corrosion will start to form. If you experience any juddering when braking or hear any squealing, they my need to be replaced.  Learn more.

Water / Coolant

Many modern vehicles have a dashboard warning light if engine coolant or washer fluid is low. Check your vehicles handbook for details on how to top up your washer fluid or visit your nearest Kwik-Fit centre for a full safety check. 


Similar to coolant, many modern vehicles alert you to low oil levels with a warning light on the dashboard. Check your vehicle handbook for more information and should you need to top-up, it’s essential that you use the correct oil.


If your vehicle is approaching three years old, it may be due for an MOT test. Check when my MOT is due.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, MOT’s due from 30th March have been given a 6 month extension but we recommend that you have this carried out as soon as possible.Your nearest Kwik-Fit centre can do this out for you.

If you’re comfortable carrying out some vehicle safety checks yourself, our partners at Kwik-Fit have provided us with this handy checklist. If you encounter any concerns, you can show the checklist to one of the team at Kwik-Fit.

Your safety is paramount to us. Please check government advice and if you are using your car, please ensure your vehicle is well maintained. If in doubt, please visit your nearest Kwik-Fit centre for a free safety check.

Learn more about Kwik-Fit’s response to the COVID19 pandemic.

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