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Renault Brexit Statement

Posted on 7 Oct 2019

2 min read

Ogilvie have received the following statement from Renault regarding Brexit.

“Groupe Renault UK has been preparing for many months for all Brexit eventualities. We are confident in our readiness and would like to emphasise our commitment to you.

Our contingency work has been ongoing for several months and is centred on ensuring we are ready for the following key areas, regardless of whether they become necessary on the 31st October:

  1. additional customs agents to manage the import of cars and parts.
  2. streamlined customs accreditations to facilitate in-flow of our goods at the UK border
  3. changes to processes & I.T. to enable the import of cars and parts
  4. additional local parts stock to cover any additional lead times dye to potential port congestion
  5. maintain timely & accurate payment of goods and services

We have been in discussions with out factories to secure increased production of vehicles and parts to mitigate any risk of disruption to supply at the UK-EU border. In addition, we have increased our capacity and staffing to ensure the timely delivery of vehicles, parts & accessories to our customers.

We would like to emphasise that, as in any other year, customers are liable to pay for any increase to Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). We are working with our factories to ensure prompt deliveries of vehicles in October, and we confirm the following rule;

Regardless of the outcome of Brexit negotiations, any vehicles order that has been placed and confirmed as matched to a vehicle has by the supplying prior to the 31st October 2019 is price protected. This rule is regardless of whether the vehicle has been imported to the UK prior or after 31st October 2019.

We hope this gives our customers the confidence to continue to order vehicles and we invite you to speak to your supplying dealer or Groupe Renault Fleet representative if you have any questions.”

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