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Press Release - Ogilvie Fleet Launch Winter Tyre Solution

Posted on by Matt Topham

Innovative leasing company Ogilvie Fleet is offering customers the opportunity to have winter tyres fitted to cars and vans with the cost included within their full maintenance contract hire package.

How contract hire companies would flex monthly lease agreements to accommodate customer requests for winter tyres, also known as cold weather tyres, has been an industry issue as fleet demand has increased following two consecutive hazardous winters on the roads.

Now Ogilvie Fleet believes it is the first leasing provider to launch an innovative solution. It is giving customers the option to either:

• Incorporate the cost of a full set of winter tyres into the full maintenance contract hire rate for the fleet lifecycle of individual vehicles; or

• Pay the full cost of a set of winter tyres upfront.

Once the initial set of winter tyres is paid for, they will be covered within Ogilvie Fleet’s standard ‘no quibble’ tyre policy.

Download the full press release here - Winter Tyres Solution

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