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Ogilvie launch new end of contract mobile app

Posted on 28 Mar 2018

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Innovation-focused Ogilvie Fleet has launched a new smartphone app designed to help fleet managers and drivers overcome often contentious end-of-contract damage charges on company vehicles.

Called APPraisal by Ogilvie Fleet, the new app builds on the independent vehicle leasing and fleet management company’s long established total transparency policy in respect of defleeted company car and van damage charges which tells customers what they will be at the outset of the contract via a recharge cost matrix. 

APPraisal by Ogilvie Fleet also sits alongside the company’s ‘Happy Drivers’ App, which was launched in 2015 and contains a raft of features and information available to all fleet managers and company car and van drivers not just customers.

The new app, which is has been developed in partnership with leading automotive data provider cap hpi whose technology also powers the tool, has been designed to save fleet managers and drivers’ time and to avoid any unnecessary end-of-contract damage costs by fully assessing a vehicle prior to its return at the end of a lease.

APPraisal by Ogilvie Fleet fully streamlines the end of contract process and informs customers well ahead of industry timescales on the expected return condition of vehicles via a straightforward step-by-step process.


Ogilvie Fleet remarketing manager Karl Ward, who has overseen development of the app over the past 12 months, said: “Returning a vehicle at the end of its lease is quick and pain-free, thanks to APPraisal.”

APPraisal allows drivers to report on all areas of their vehicle – exterior and interior – and record walk-round tour video footage or photographs to highlight damage or wear and tear and record comments for a true feel of the vehicle. The video or photographs along with any comments can then be submitted to Ogilvie Fleet for assessment ahead of defleet.

The majority of vehicles are operated remotely from fleet decision-makers who, as a result, rarely have the ability to inspect condition. However, APPraisal allows them to view the return condition of vehicles as captured by company drivers. 

Mr Ward said: “Ogilvie Fleet will be sharing the submissions with clients and advising the best course of action in each case where damage is identified – whether to return the vehicle in current condition or arrange for damage to be repaired before defleet. This gives fleet managers complete visibility of remotely operated vehicles and enables time before the collection to make the choice of action required, if any. APPraisal was designed specifically to give customers more visibility and more choice in respect of damage-related decisions.”

The app also features a reminder checklist of key items that are commonly forgotten on the return of a vehicle: Spare keys, locking wheel nuts, electric vehicle power cables, satellite navigation disc/SD card, handbook pack, spare wheel, parcel shelf and service documentation.

APPraisal by Ogilvie Fleet also gives drivers the option to obtain a valuation of the car or van in the event they wish to buy the vehicle once defleeted.

Mr Ward said: “Technological innovation and excellent customer service are at the heart of Ogilvie Fleet and the company has traditionally worked pro-actively with fleet managers and drivers to avoid and minimise defleet charges in the first place, and when damage is incurred a careful, fair and open policy is adopted.

“Ogilvie Fleet has 96% first invoice acceptance of any end-of-contract damage charges, which is far in excess of the industry standard. APPraisal is optional, but we want to pre-condition fleet managers on the importance of vehicle condition and we hope they will enforce the use of the app with drivers.”

End-of-contract vehicle damage charges have been highlighted over many years, notably by ACFO, the UK’s premier fleet decision-makers’ organisation, as the “cause of the biggest degree of conflict” between fleets and leasing companies.

Mr Ward said: “APPraisal gives fleets a tool to compile a vehicle condition report ahead of defleet and to discuss any damage with the company so there are no nasty bill surprises. 

“We want customers to have a pleasurable experience when they lease vehicles from Ogilvie Fleet and not for it to be tainted by a battle over end-of-contract charges.

Commenting on the app, Amanda Morgan, head of fleet at cap hpi, said: “The app is the result of a great partnership between Ogilvie Fleet and cap hpi. It will help to build a more transparent defleet process and drive efficiency. We have made a significant investment in ramping up our technology team to ensure we can rapidly deploy innovative solutions across the industry.”

APPraisal by Ogilvie Fleet is available on Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 


Editor’s notes

Ogilvie Fleet provides contract hire, leasing and fleet management solutions for UK and European companies operating vehicle fleets ranging from five to 2,000+ units.

The fleet today totals 16,500 vehicles, making the company one of the largest independent contract hire and fleet management specialists in the sector.

Ogilvie Fleet’s reputation is built on an ability to deliver bespoke solutions and a consistently high quality of service, linked with competitive pricing and a ‘real world’ ability to work in partnership with clients. In essence, the organisation delivers the perfect combination of small company service ethos and large company buying power.  

That philosophy has won Ogilvie Fleet a string of industry awards in recent years. They include: winning the Experteye Fleeteye CSI (customer satisfaction index) Award in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, Customer Innovation Award 2014, and Customer Service to Fleet Operators with more than 250 Vehicles Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017; winning the Leasing and Contract Hire category of the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 and Best App Award 2017 in the BusinessCar Fleet Technology Awards; winning Leasing Company of the Year – up to 25,000 vehicles and Customer Service Award in the 2017 BusinessCar Awards; beating 49 other contract hire and leasing companies to win the Fleet News ‘FN50’ Customer Service Team Award in 2013; and winning the 2016 Fleet World Innovation Honour in Mobile Communication.

For further information contact: 

Nick Hardy, sales and marketing director, on 0845 217 9871 or email nick.hardy@ogilvie.co.uk

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