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UK motorists are fed up with high fuel prices, high taxation levels on fuel, road tax, congestion charges and for company car drivers, high benefit-in-kind charges.

Car manufacturers have responded by introducing lower CO2 emission models which are also more fuel efficient. So whether you are private buyer or a company car user there is now a much wider choice of tax-cheating models to choose from and more are on their way. One of the most popular models in the Audi premium brand range is their A3 line up of 3-Door and 5-Door Sportback variants.

This line-up was recently extended by the introduction of A3 1.9 TDIe ‘green’ variants in both three-door and Sportback body styles and with CO2 emissions of 119g/km it will be exempt from the London Congestion Charge which come into force from 27 October this year, providing Mayor Ken Livingstone is re-elected.

If the sub 120g/km exemption goes ahead be sure other towns and cities up and down the UK and indeed Europe will look to follow London’s lead and introduce tax measures for higher-emission vehicles.

Another reason to buy these lower CO2 ‘greener’ models is their lower road fund license costs, just £35 a year for road tax providing the emissions are 120g/km or lower. And of course lower CO2 means better fuel economy and in turn that means less money spent on fuel and less tax paid to the Treasury.

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