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Mercedes Brexit Statement

Posted on 8 Oct 2019

2 min read

Ogilvie have received the following statement from Mercedes with regards to Brexit.

“In preparation for the possibility of the UK leaving the European Union, under no deal on 31st October 2019, we are writing to confirm our position in terms of vehicle pricing.

Price protection:
To ensure that our customers are able to continue to purchase cars with confidence and to plan ahead, where an order is placed for a car that has a UK quoted delivery date on our ordering systems that is on or prior to 31st October 2019, we will offer price protection on that specific vehicle, regardless of its arrival date into the UK.

Pricing change:
Should a customs duty tariff become applicable on cars imported into the UK after leaving the European Union, we would look to increase the price of our cars accordingly, to offset the amount of the tariff (unless covered by the stated price protection). The increase would be applicable to all vehicles and factory fitted options, whether marked sold or unsold and regardless of the order, allocation date or sales channel. This would potentially vary model by model. Our extensive planning has ensured that we will have a good supply of cars here in the UK already, and they will remain unaffected by the tariff.”

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