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How Coronavirus is affecting vehicle production

Posted on 20 Mar 2020

2 min read

Almost all major vehicle manufacturers are closing their factories or considerably reducing vehicle output due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The virus is causing issues for manufacturers with supply chain delays, increased consideration for the health and safety of workers and a decline in the sales of vehicles across the industry – manufacturers having no other option but to halt production.

Volkswagen announced it is “gradually suspending” production in all plants across Europe. While Ford are temporarily suspending all vehicle and engine manufacturing sites in continental Europe as of Thursday the 19th March.

Ford president of Europe, Stuart Rowley has said “while the impact of Coronavirus at our facilities so far has been limited thankfully, its effects our employees, dealers, supplier and customers” and “Due to the dramatic impact this ongoing crisis is having on the European market and the supplier industry – together with the recent actions by countries to restrict all but essential travel and personal contact – we are temporarily halting production at our main continental Europe manufacturing sites

Nissan has also recently suspended production at the largest car manufacturing plant in Sunderland, UK. The company has said it is unsure how long this suspension in production will last. 

A statement added, “Further measures are currently under study as we assess supply chain disruption and the sudden drop in market demand caused by the COVID-19 emergency.”

However despite precautions being made by other companies, Jaguar Land Rover’s plant in Coventry is still open as is the Mini Factory in Oxford (as of march 20th).

This means that for vehicles that have been ordered are going to have increased lead and delivery time. This is to be expected for almost all vehicles, even for manufacturers for have not closed their factories.

If your vehicles is on order through Ogilvie and is currently marked as one the following statuses – “Order Received”, “Scheduled for Build” or “Confirmed for build” – there is likely to be a delay in delivery. This delay will vary between manufacturers. 

If you have any questions about any of your vehicles on order, please contact your Customer Service Executive. 

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