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Hot Topic - Vehicle Emissions

Posted on by Matt Topham

Vehicle emissions are a hot topic at the moment and a number of manufacturers and the government are making regular statements about the issue. This article will be updated with all information we receive that mentions the topic of vehicle emissions. As always, if you have any concerns please contact your Area Manager.

You’re no doubt aware of VW’s admission that CO2, NOx and MPG figures on their vehicles may be incorrect. 

The issue does not affect the safety of the vehicles and as such there will be no ‘recall’ on current vehicles. Instead, is likely to be addressed at the service interval. VAG group are in the process of communicating the remedial work with their service network therefore the process to address the issue will be unlikely to commence until 2016.

The government has already indicated that they would not pursue reclaiming additional tax revenue from drivers who have already had their car delivered but the situation regarding vehicles on order but yet to be delivered remains undiscussed. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has said “no-one will end up with a higher tax bill as a result of this scandal”.

VAG group are supplying a letter with deliveries of all new Audi, SEAT, Skoda and VW cars that they wish drivers to sign prior to accepting delivery. If signed, the letter will serve as acknowledgement by the driver that the performance and emissions details may be incorrect. You do not have to sign this letter in order to accept delivery. The decision of whether to sign the letter is one our customers should consider but Ogilvie see no negative effect to acknowledging the letter.

We believe in trust and transparency however we are also reliant on information that is provided to us by the VAG Group. It is important to note that CO2, MPG, NoX and possibly other technical details may change before delivery and these changes may affect your organisation or drivers.

To check to see if your vehicle is affected, please visit enter your vehicle identity number (VIN) on the relevant website – Audi | SEAT | Skoda  | VW

If you have any questions regarding the remedial work to address the issue, please contact Audi, Skoda, SEAT or VW via the numbers below or visit your nearest franchised dealer.

Audi Customer Services – 0800 699 888 – locate my nearest Audi centre.
SEAT Customer Services – 0500 222 222 – locate my nearest SEAT centre.
Skoda Customer Services – 0330 003 7504 – locate my nearest Skoda centre.
VW Customer Services – 0800 083 3914 – locate my nearest VW centre.


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