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Driving advice during strong winds

Posted on by Matt Topham

 Most of the country has suffered particularly strong winds so far this year. This is why the Institute of Advanced Motorists has published advice on driving in strong winds.

The IAM sensibly suggest that if your journey isn't essential you should stay at home but if you are on the road:

Setting Off

* Think about where you are going - is there a route with less exposure to the weather, and less risk of fallen trees?

* Allow extra time for delays caused by accidents

Whilst Driving

*Slow down - you are more vulnerable to side winds at higher speeds

*Keep plenty of distance between you and the car in front

*Be ready for the gust of wind when you pass a large vehicle or buildings

*Give cyclists and motorcyclists more room than usual *Keep an eye out for objects being blown into your path

*Watch what is happening to other vehicles - where they are affected will give you a warning

*Winds can be gusty, and not constant.

Drive to deal with the gusts For information about driving in other conditions visit

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