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Green number plates to identigy zero emission cars

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The Government has launched a consultation on the introduction of green number plates for zero emission cars.

The green plates aim is to show how the amount of zero emission vehicles (EVs) are increasing across the UK, and to help the drivers of these vehicle benefit more easily from incentives such as free or cheaper parking and encourage a larger uptake of EVs and PHEVs.

The plates are already in use in countries such as Norway, Canada, and China.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has said: “The UK is in the driving seat of global efforts to tackle vehicle emissions and climate change and improve air quality, but we want to accelerate our progress.

“Green number plates are a really positive and exciting way to help everyone recognise the increasing number of electric vehicles on our roads. 

“By increasing awareness of these vehicles and the benefits they bring to their drivers and our environment, we will turbo-charge the zero emission revolution.”

Vauxhall Brexit Statement

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“Vauxhall have followed a flurry of manufacturers in announcing their plans in the event of a Hard Brexit….

“With a potential Hard Brexit at the end of October Vauxhall  want to confirm our position regarding customer orders.

Vauxhall has taken the decision to price protect any orders that are confirmed in our order bank, on the correct fleet code, as at 5.00pm on the 31st October 2019. For clarity this includes vehicles that are ordered but not physically in the UK. Further we will also apply our normal price protection policy, namely that we will hold our price protection for a period of 30 days (subject to evidence the quote was produced prior to 31st October 2019), so that you can continue to quote up to the 31st October knowing that the validity of your quotes will be honoured by us in the normal way (orders placed within 30 days of any quote done on or before 31st October). This position will remain the same until any new statement is issued.”

Volkswagen Group Brexit Statement

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Volkswagen groups statement regarding Volkswagen, SEAT, SKODA and Volkwagen Commercial.

"In the event that the UK leaves the EU without an agreed transitional deal (a “Hard Brexit”), all vehicle imports into the UK from the EU are expected to be subject to tariffs.

Earlier on this year, we varied our agreement with you (for the supply of Volkswagen, SEAT, SKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles vehicles (whether directly or via our authorised dealer acting as our agent) with the exception of any “buyback agreements” (whereby we commit to buyback the vehicle from you), such variation is reproduced at Appendix 1, (the “Brexit Addendum”). Our agreement as amended by the Brexit Addendum is the “Agreement”. All defined terms used within this letter shall have the meanings assigned to them within the Agreement, unless expressly defined otherwise.

In order to provide clarity and confidence to you at this time of uncertainty, Volkswagen, SEAT, SKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles can confirm a variation to the Agreement. With immediate effect, orders confirmed and customer-tagged up to and including the earlier of:

• 17.30 on the date of a Hard Brexit;
• 17.30 on 31 October 2019; and
• The date of the expiry of this price protection offer as advised by one of our Brands in a subsequent communication,

(The “Validity Period”) will be price-protected. Any quotations not converted into confirmed and customer-tagged orders during the Validity Period will not be honoured. In such an event, the price current as at the date of dispatch from the relevant Brand will be the price payable.

By continuing to place orders for Vehicles, you agree to the terms of this letter (which serves to vary the Agreement(s). In the event and to the extent of any conflict between the terms of this letter and the Agreement(s), the contents of this letter shall prevail in respect of its subject matter. Except as varied by the contents of this letter, the Agreement remains in full force and effect.

We appreciate that current conditions are subject to volatility and many unknowns, however we believe the price protection our Brands are offering will help to mitigate this as far as possible and give you certainty in these uncertain times."

Audi Brexit Statement

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Audi are the latest manufacturer to release a statement regarding their position on Brexit.

"In the event of the UK's exit from the EU at 23:00 on Thursday 31st October 2019 without an agreed deal (i.e. Hard Brexit), as of 23:01 on Thursday 31st October, all vehicle imports into the UK are expected to be subject to WTO tariffs.

Audi Price Promise

In order to provide clarity and give confidence to our customers at this time of uncertainty, Audi UK can confirm that customer-tagged orders (except for orders from rental companies to which this communication does not apply) confirmed in Audi UK's ordering systems by close of business (17:30) on Thursday 31st October 2019 will be price protected against any tariff-related price increases. This price protection will be applied to all qualifying orders irrespective of vehicle location or status code. 

Any orders or quotations which do not have a confirmed, customer-tagged order placed in Audi UK's ordering systems by close of business (17:30) on Thursday 31st October 2019 will not be eligible for the price protection and may be subject to price increases.

As soon as further details regarding the UK's proposed exit from the EU are available, Audi UK will provide a further update.

Thank you for your ongoing support."

Mercedes Brexit Statement

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Ogilvie have received the following statement from Mercedes with regards to Brexit.

"In preparation for the possibility of the UK leaving the European Union, under no deal on 31st October 2019, we are writing to confirm our position in terms of vehicle pricing.

Price protection:
To ensure that our customers are able to continue to purchase cars with confidence and to plan ahead, where an order is placed for a car that has a UK quoted delivery date on our ordering systems that is on or prior to 31st October 2019, we will offer price protection on that specific vehicle, regardless of its arrival date into the UK.

Pricing change:
Should a customs duty tariff become applicable on cars imported into the UK after leaving the European Union, we would look to increase the price of our cars accordingly, to offset the amount of the tariff (unless covered by the stated price protection). The increase would be applicable to all vehicles and factory fitted options, whether marked sold or unsold and regardless of the order, allocation date or sales channel. This would potentially vary model by model. Our extensive planning has ensured that we will have a good supply of cars here in the UK already, and they will remain unaffected by the tariff."

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