Mifleet Showroom

Imagine viewing your entire fleet at a glance on one single screen.

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We recognised that no-one in the industry offered such a simple and unique solution to fleet management and we wanted to fill this gap without compromise, so we designed Mifleet Showroom.

We listened to our customers who wanted instant, summary level information regarding their fleet and we brought this all to one place with live feeds turning raw data into true information. It's everything you need to know about your fleet in one place.



At a glance all the key stages of Fleet Management are visible, from original order through to renewal. Each area has a traffic light system to instantly advise if something requires your attention. More than this, you can drill down into further detail.

Should you be alerted to a vehicle that requires maintenance, just click the appropriate section and all affected vehicles are displayed. Click again on a vehicle and the driver is displayed. Click again to send the driver a reminder via email or SMS message. All from one easy to use tool.

We built our system from the ground up, involving Fleet Managers and experts at every level resulting in a powerful but simple solution. Many customers are now combining Mifleet Showroom with our Driver Quotes Portal to outsource their fleet administration.

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Traffic Light Warnings
Traffic light warnings deliver live fleet data - MOT / service updates, upcoming renewals and much more.

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Driver Alerts
Mifleet showroom allows you to SMS or email drivers with their own vehicle specific reminders immediately.

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At-a-Glance Reporting
Bespoke reports show every details of your fleet with just one click.

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Push Notifications
Mifleet pushes out critical information such as service and MOT reminders, vehicle renewals and licence check results.

We designed Mifleet with you in mind and would be delighted to demonstrate its power. Please contact us to arrange a personal demonstration. Alternatively visit our Online Access page to log-in.

Online Quotations

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Our unique portal cuts down your administration by allowing your drivers to order their car online. You predefine the parameters on the system ensuring that every order fits the correct driver band. Simple.

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Drivers Create the Quotes

Restrictions can be applied to results by almost anything including: rental, P11D, CO2, MPG, NCAP rating, number of doors, manufacturer, model or vehicle type.

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The Fleet Manager gets the Order

Orders arrive via email and you know the vehicle fits the driver grade every time.

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Drivers can see as much, or as little as you like

We calculate rental figures, driver contributions and rebates for you and can include it on the quote. If you have an internal order form, we’ll even pre-populate this and send it with the order.

Contact us today and our Tech team can help you reduce your administration and empower your drivers.

Industry Leading Quotes

One of the main benefits of partnering with Ogilvie Fleet is the wealth of information perfectly presented in our driver quotations.

We will ensure that you get all the details that you need, including all the complicated tax calculations, in an easy-to-read format - saving you time and effort. Additionally, your drivers will have everything they could possibly need to make informed decisions.

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Tailored quotes
Whether you need the information for your Financial Director or drivers, we can tailor the quote to your requirements saving you valuable time and effort.

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Making Tax Calculations Easy
No more complex calculations or tax tables. We print how much tax the driver is likely to pay on every quote.

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Increased Accuracy
Our quotes include the unique Ogilvie True Cost model for greater accuracy which includes fuel costs, effective rental, NIC, Corporation Tax and lease rental restrictions.

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Additional bonus for online quote customers
For customers with access to our online driver quotes portal we can include additional information required with the quote. We can even automatically populate the internal forms that you use to help reduce time and avoid inputting errors.

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Technical Data
Whether you’re interested in CO2, MPG or carbon footprint our quotes contain key technical data to help you and your drivers.

Contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Area Managers and discover how we can help you manage your fleet.

My Next Car

A complete collection of tools providing everything drivers need to make better informed choices.

My Next Car delivers all the information you could possibly need to understand the true cost of the company vehicle, removing uncertainty in the decision making process.  

Car Chooser

We know that there are many decisions a driver has to make when it comes to choosing a new car. To make that process as simple as possible, the Car Chooser helps to find the car that's right for your needs. Whether it's the number doors, amount of tax you pay per month or the MPG that counts, the Car Chooser provides you with the answers. 

Driver Taxation

Driver taxation can be complicated but we try to make it easier to understand. The driver's taxation is displayed on each of our quotations so there's no complicated formula to remember or understand there's just one monthly figure for each tax bracket. If you haven't received a quotation from us, or you're still deciding which car to choose, we also have an online tax calculator to help you find out the likely cost. 

Fuel Benefit

Some drivers have the option to take private use fuel paid for the their employer. This benefit is taxable and, like a company car itself, the amount you pay is determined in part by the CO2 emissions of the car. Calculating whether or not it is actually worthwhile to take free fuel is important. Get it wrong and you'll pay far more in tax than if you paid for your own private fuel use. To see how much free fuel could actually cost you along with your break even mileage, use our free fuel benefit calculator.

For more information about how tax affects your fleet choices contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Area Managers.


Our complete fleet solutions have been designed to help you manage your Ogilvie fleet with ease.

In operation for over thirty years, we have catered for all industries and fleet sizes, during which time we have built a fully comprehensive list of fleet solutions to suit every requirement. From online tools that help cut through the complexity and onerous administration related to managing your fleet; to solutions that ensure your employees are kept mobile and fully supported at all times.

Explore our fleet solutions to discover how they can help you in your daily operations.   

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Ogilvie Tools for Fleet Managers
A range of innovative online aids to help you manage your fleet effectively and efficiently

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Short term hire
Rental deals from one day to six months

Industry leading quotations icon

Industry leading quotations
Comprehensive information, perfectly presented

Driver Tools icon

Driver Tools
Tools and benefits to support your drivers

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Accident Management
The quickest and easiest way to get drivers back on the road

Driver risk management icon

Driver Risk Management
Helping with Duty of Care solutions


Contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Area Managers and discover more about our range of fleet solutions and the many unique benefits that come from dealing with Ogilvie Fleet.

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