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Tax and choice

Let us simplify things

We understand the complexities of fleet finance and taxation, and the importance of choice.

We also appreciate that company vehicles are emotive and that some drivers will still have an eye on performance and style, however many manufacturers offer tax-friendly alternatives. Our systems have been built to provide you and your drivers with all the information needed to make informed decisions about vehicle selection.

Driver Taxation

Our driver taxation page provides you with a plain english explanation of how driver taxation works and how to manually calculate the amount of tax you could be charged for a company vehicle. Even better, our online tax calculator helps you calculate this electronically and also assists with your choice of vehicle depending on how much, or little, you want to pay. Please visit our driver taxation or tax calculator pages

Company Taxation

It’s not just drivers that are affected by company car taxation. To learn more about how vehicle selection could affect your business, visit our Fleet Taxation pages. Fortunately the details are also shown on our Industry Leading Quotes thanks to our Ogilvie True Cost calculations, see below for more information.

Ogilvie True Cost

Ogilvie True Cost shows the real costs of vehicle operation, with some pleasantly surprising results for both FD and drivers. When it comes to vehicle choice and policy setting, the most commonly used method is to compare and select vehicles based on monthly lease rental.

However, Ogilvie believe there is a better way, a way where there could be a win for the FD and a win for drivers. Our recommendation is that you set your policy based on the OTC, the Ogilvie True Cost.

Why Choose Ogilvie Fleet?

  • Help Balance Cost With Driver Expectations
  • Clear & Simple Taxation Information
  • Online, Driver Tools Help Make The Right Choices
  • Ogilvie True Cost Establishes The REAL Costs
  • Tools Help Manage Fleet & Control Costs
  • Real-Time Live Online Data