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Greener Fleet

Benefits the planet & your business

Set a Low Emissions policy

With over 4000 models of new cars, we understand that setting a choice list can be a challenging task. Ogilvie Fleet can help you with this process. As always the final choice will be yours but we can help highlight that, as with many things in life, small decisions can make a large difference. See the example below where a more expensive vehicle in terms of P11D can be cheaper to a driver and your organisation.

Employers NIC Cost
Driver Tax Cost (40% Tax)
BMW 330e Auto
£425 per annum
£1,233 per annum
BMW 320d Auto
£1,504 per annum
£4,359 per annum
Tesla Model 3
£0 per annum*
£0 per annum*
(Figures accurate on 25th March 2020)
*EV tax rate for 2020/21 0%.

Carbon Footprint on Quotations

Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t simply good for the environment, it’s good for reducing the cost to your business and your drivers.

At Ogilvie Fleet we provide you with all the relevant information to make an informed choice. Whether you’re a driver considering a new vehicle, or a Fleet Manager looking to set a company-wide policy, we can help guide you through the process.

Each of our quotations displays the vehicles’ CO2 emission level, MPG, Ogilvie True Cost and drivers’ taxation amounts for the next three years. In addition, we also include the vehicle’s carbon footprint based on the distance the vehicle is likely to travel, thus empowering you to choose vehicles based on their true operating cost and environmental credentials.

Choose a Low Emissions Vehicle

Our “Ogilvie Car Chooser” lets you choose vehicles that fit your environmental policy as well as your car policy. Cars with lower CO2 emission figures are better for the environment, lower taxation for drivers and are usually more fuel efficient. Cars that emit 75g/km or less of CO2 are also exempt from charge in the London Congestion Zone.

Visit the Ogilvie Car Chooser and select your own low emissions vehicle alternatively please contact us and we will help you make an informed decision to reduce your environmental impact and lower the cost of your fleet.

Why Choose Ogilvie Fleet?

Green Credentials Carbon Footprint On All Quotes Average MPG Detailed Driver BIK Tax for the Next 3 Years Online Tools Help Identify Efficient Vehicles