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Meet the MD - Gordon Stephen

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Fleet Leasing recently sat down with our Managing Director Gordon Stephen to find out more about what he does at Ogilvie Fleet and how he got to where he is.The orignal article can be found here.

Gordon Stephen, MD at Ogilvie Fleet, explains his career path in leasing.

I was quite interested in working for an oil company or an oil service company but when I finished my postgrad diploma in offshore engineering the oil price absolutely crashed.

Normally 28 or 29 people [out of 30 people on the course] would get a job but when I left I think two people had jobs. So I came back to Edinburgh, worked in a bar for a few months, signed on with an agency and I got a phone call saying “listen, we’ve got a job interview with a car leasing company”.

The MD of the leasing company [Cochranes Leasing] who interviewed me hadn’t been to university and was quite impressed I had a degree, and that probably got me the job.

Some jobs it’s useful to have a degree but I think if somebody is keen, enthusiastic and quite bright it doesn’t matter whether they went to university, college or came straight from school. 

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