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Ashley’s Winter Tyre Blog pt4

Posted on by Matt Topham

Hi and welcome to my fourth winter tyre update. A little over two months since I started this blog and we’ve had one of the mildest winters in years. Just yesterday the temperature in Sheffield was in double figures, a far cry from the weather we had last year. Whilst I’m relieved that we’re having a mild winter it doesn’t help my winter tyre blog!

Running costs / MPG

I’ve heard a rumour that winter tyres can affect your MPG so I monitored my MPG both on the standard tyres and winter tyres. Each week I travel to our Birmingham office from Sheffield. The journey is approximately 90 miles, 80 of which is motorway. My average MPG after three trips with standard tyres was 51.4 MPG. The same three trips with winter tyres has seen my average MPG change to 52.9 MPG. I am not brave enough to suggest that winter tyres improve efficiency as there are many factors that can effect performance including traffic/weather/load weight but I would suggest that in my trial there is no significant change.

Insurance costs

Much has also been said about whether fitting Winter tyres will affect your motor insurance, indeed a BBC report suggested that fitting winter tyres may increase your premiums. The Association of British nsurers (ABI) has tried to clarify the situation by creating a list of which insurers need to be advised if you fit winter tyres. If in doubt we suggest you contact your insurers as any change to the standard specification of a vehicle can be seen as a modification which you are entitled to disclose you your insurers.

With winter weather potentially on the way I promise to add more photos to my blog if the weather changes for the worse.

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