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Ashley’s Winter Tyre Blog pt3

Posted on by Matt Topham

This is my third instalment of my winter tyre blog and perhaps the most crucial so far. Since my last update my colleagues and I visited our Head office in Stirling for our Christmas party. The morning after the event I was shocked to see an inch of snow through my hotel window and a 300 mile journey home ahead of me.

Driving a BMW in the snow last year was almost embarrassing. An incline of any description rendered the vehicle almost useless, if not dangerous, when the standard tyres were fitted. Naturally I was apprehensive, the untreated, unused hotel car park would have previously been enough to stop my BMW in its tracks and leave me with no choice but to have an extended breakfast.

After loading my car for the trip home this would be the first real test of my winter tyres. I cautiously lifted the clutch and slowly began crawling from the car park, the difference was instant. In the past the traction control light would begin to flicker as the car fought for grip but this morning it didn’t appear. Even when cornering (admittedly at 3mph) the car handled much better. Approaching the exit onto the main road I cautiously applied the brakes, expecting to slide, instead it was a prompt stop.

I acknowledge this is a relatively small test of the tyres capability but as I promised it’s a real-world test and the tyres performed just as I would have hoped. As the weather deteriorates I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Should there be more snowfall it looks like I’ll have no excuse not to get into work.

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