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Ashley’s Winter Tyre Blog pt7 - The End.

Posted on by Matt Topham

Welcome to my final instalment of my winter tyre blog. As we are now (allegedly) in Summer I thought it time to take my Winter Tyres off and replace them with my standard tyres. Winter Tyres can be used all year round but in dry conditions tyre wear is increased. By swapping over the tyres I’ll be able to use the same set of tyres for next year as the tread depth is still well within the UK limit.

Ashley’s Winter Tyre Blog pt6

Posted on by Matt Topham

Originally I had planned to change my winter tyres back to summer tyres this week but as the photo shows it's a good job I didn’t.

Running winter tyres in summer conditions causes excessive wear but due to the recent weather warnings I cancelled my plans to swap my winter tyres back to the original set of all weather tyres just on the off chance of us actually getting the snow as predicted. I was really glad that I made that decision this morning, because when I woke up around 6:30am there was approx. 1-2 inches of snow that had settled all around my home in Sheffield.

Ashley’s Winter Tyre Blog pt5

Posted on by Matt Topham

You probably don’t need me to tell you that Saturday afternoon saw the first of the snow for the majority of the country. Whilst the rest of the country looked out of their windows in dismay, I was more excited than many children as the time to test my 3 Series with winter tyres had arrived. Just about every news update on the weather showed a BMW spinning it’s rear wheels in the snow, I was determined to be the exception to this.

After family commitments….. sledging with my daughters…. I needed an excuse to get in the car so we decided to go out for a meal. Despite it being a short journey this would involve driving up the same snow covered hill that had prevented me from getting to work for the last three years. For years my (relatively) expensive BMW has been embarrassed by other cars when it comes to performance in the snow.

Ashley’s Winter Tyre Blog pt4

Posted on by Matt Topham

Hi and welcome to my fourth winter tyre update. A little over two months since I started this blog and we’ve had one of the mildest winters in years. Just yesterday the temperature in Sheffield was in double figures, a far cry from the weather we had last year. Whilst I’m relieved that we’re having a mild winter it doesn’t help my winter tyre blog!

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